Icecream sandwiches for Rigoletto Icecream, Cairo, Egypt by Mohamed Abdel-Hady
Rigoletto Icecream
December 28, 2015
food photography, Sedra, Mohamed Abdel-Hady
Sedra, Food photography, Cairo
March 27, 2016

Brew and chew

brew and chew, food photography,

Combine a good stylist, chocolate and a good company and it's not a food photography job, but rather a day at the beach,
I am really happy to share these pictures with you as they're very dear to my heart, they're the new items for the new brew and chew branch at Cairo, Egypt, but we photographed it in Alexandria.

Styling was sophisticated, yet very simple, lighting was moody which is my favorite and images came out great as anticipated,
Now let me show you some of these little yummy treats: