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April 19, 2017
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January 12, 2018

Food photography personal project

Apple pie - food photography personal project

If you would ask me what is the best way to improve the quality of your work, I would probably tell you personal projects;

It is beneficial on so many levels; for starters, if you are a beginner trying to build a solid portfolio that dazzles your clients, personal projects is the way to go;

it is also a very efficient way to develop your skills without the usual pressure you face on an actual job in terms of perfecting your composition, tweaking your lighting, playing with the content of your image … etc.

And recently I felt the need to get out of the normal pressure that I usually encounter on my real life jobs, so I decided to make a small project with a food stylist friend who was just as passionate as I was about creating it.

We planned four shots to create, all of them are bakery; lighting was intended to be dark and moody using only one gridded strip softbox as you will notice.

Now hopefully you will like the final images below: