The Little Walnuts
December 6, 2015
Icecream sandwiches for Rigoletto Icecream, Cairo, Egypt by Mohamed Abdel-Hady
Rigoletto Icecream
December 28, 2015

Sheraton Cairo Hotel shoot – Dec 2015


Suite living room, Sheraton Cairo Hotel.

A new interesting photo shoot for my favorite client: Starwood
Sheraton Cairo is a great hotel located in a very interesting spot in Cairo facing the Nile river; but was shut down for maintenance like 5 years ago, and now at its final renovation stages; it is expected to reopen its doors for guests next July, thus new photos were required to represent the hotel nicely in addition to some photos for the new rooms established in the hotel's new extension tower.

We were not very fortunate that day in terms of lighting as it was a rainy cloudy day, therefore, we had to use our own lighting;
There was a big modifier implanted in the balcony replicating the window light, but with a better quality.
Two speedlights were present behind camera "i.e. left and right" to fill the shadows on a very low power, not to easily flatten everything back out again.
And some light painting were utilized locally where all these lights were not necessarily efficient.
Most hotel rooms are the same except for few, you may find yourself shooting at an ideal time of day, perfect natural lighting, and no artificial lighting is needed, however, you might find yourself in situations like this, where natural light is useless and rather harmful to your image, and you have to take control to achieve your vision, so, you should be able to interpret the light well.
Now, I'll leave you with some of the photographs: