Sheraton Montazah Hotel Surrounding, Alexandria photographed by Mohamed Abdel-Hady for Starwood
Some landscape photography
January 31, 2015
Interiors photography, Cairo, Egypt; Dar designs.
Dar designs
March 16, 2015

RMC Barclays bank photo shoot

Barclays bank, Citystars branch in Cairo photographed by Mohamed Abdel-Hady for RMC Consultants
Hey guys .. didn't think I would write again for a long time.
Our latest project was one of the toughest projects I have come across so far not because of the technical difficulties, but rather because of timing and weather considerations.
On Tuesday I went to El-Dokki to meet
the client (Ray Miller consultants)
to discuss the project details
"Photographing the interiors of a new Barclay's bank branch in Citystars Capital one in Cairo, Egypt"
, the time of shooting, and at the end we agreed that the shooting would be on the next Saturday or Sunday; but when I reached home I was surprised, because they called me asking to advance the shooting schedule to next day, as the project's delivery deadline has been advanced to Thursday, so we only had Wednesday to shoot on.
So the decision was easy; either to go back to Alexandria, fetch my equipment and come back at the same day or apologize for not doing it...
I picked the first one which was torturing actually because that day had a dust storm and I literally ate dust throughout my journey from
Cairo to Alex
and back, within one hour in between just to pack my stuff and eat... yeah life's not easy.
I went late to Cairo very tired that day, slept and woke up very early the next morning, Packed my stuff and headed to where the project was, met the project manager who took me on a scouting journey around the location; I had only one issue; which was that due to the very dusty weather, all windows were covered with dust and it was impossible to clean them at the moment or wait for a couple of days to have them cleaned because that would have past the delivery deadline, so one obvious solution we had was to pull down the curtains... that was not very appealing, but it was the only option..
Shooting period wasn't much; it took me about 3 Hours as the place's
was full of open spaces, and we didn't need much lights actually as the dynamic range wasn't very high across the shooting space, especially with using the Nikon D810, however we did use some lights to bring some texture into the chairs..
Now i will leave you with some of the images :