The Waterway Villa interiors photo shoot, Perception designs.
September 16, 2016
Brew and Chew new menu shoot, Dec 2016
December 18, 2016

Tabali food photo shoot

Tabali, October 2016
Throughout my food photography journey, that was the first time to come across an authentic Egyptian restaurant, that cooks real homemade tasting Egyptian cuisine,
"Tabali" serves all sorts of Good old Egyptian goodies that most men here only get to eat at Friday morning, such as popular Egyptian beans with a multitude of delicious flavors and mixes, also their falafels received a lot of overheated puffery for its creative and yummy stuffing, personally, I tried beans with tehini, and a falafel mixed dish; they were simply masterpieces.
The list could go on for days, but now onto the shoot:
It was requested to shoot a real wide collective shots of the best selling breakfast items, lunch items, and beverages and other light sides.
70% of the shoot was done from an overhead perspective and all was darkly lit using only one gridded modifier and a couple of reflectors which were faintly sending back some light to fill deep shadows, moreover, mirrors and tightly gridded strobes were manipulated to light paint where all preceding methods couldn't
Hope you all like the images: