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September 25, 2014

The beginning


This is our first blog post
I was kind hesitant before establishing this blog because i am not much of a talker and i don't have that huge flow of work yet to talk about..
However i'll try always to update you with everything new on my projects but we may as well begin with a bit of introduction about myself
My name is Mohamed Abdel-hady and i am a 27 years old still life photographer, i shoot mainly food, interiors/architecture and recently i started to shoot products.
But this isn't how it started, originally i was graduated in 2009 as a chemical engineer and for few years i kept looking for work in that field, but after some time and some unhappy incidents i realized this isn't for me
And since i am someone who can't do anything but the thing he loves i started a new journey of looking around for a new passion to make it my career till i fell for photography about 4 years ago.
I started learning before i got my first DSLR camera for about a year maybe slightly longer and when i got it i started a whole new level of learning and fell in love with more specific types of photography such as food, interior designs and recently products as well.
I started reading online, watching videos, purchasing specialized courses and workshops online especially on the subject of interiors/architectural and food photography.
Bit by bit i started building my gear and my lighting and i am steadily trying to achieve my goal.
stay tuned for our next post. cheers..