Product photography lighting tutorial – Activ running shoes.
June 19, 2015
Sheraton Montazah Hotel shoot, Alexandria, Egypt.
August 28, 2015

The super tip (networking)

Hey Guys,
That post won't be about a new project or anything but rather about something i think each photographer needs in order to succeed beside good work of course which is connections.
That's your greatest source of power, a lot of people keep struggling alone and knocking doors a lot whereas being connected through your network circles or even expanding them can cut things a lot shorter for you.
I have been struggling myself particularly with this point and this is why i decided to write about it.
Whether a Hospitality, food, wedding, products or any kind of photographer you have to find an effective way to increase your connections, it's not only because these people are capable of getting you more work but rather because other connected photographers will rather shut the door big time to your face because they have a strong rapport with their clients who will not leave them to hire you especially in a saturated market with people who're not willing to risk and try something new or give a chance.
So your best shot is to have a great work and a wide network of connections.
Till next time, see you guys