La mama restaurant photo shoot at Sheraton Montazah hotel shoot By Mohamed Abdel-Hady, Egyptian Hospitality photographer
Sheraton Montazah hotel shoot, August 2016
September 14, 2016
Tabali, October 2016
Tabali food photo shoot
November 30, 2016

The Waterway Villa interiors photo shoot, Perception designs.

My most pleasurable experience is always when photographing beautiful interiors, architecture or hospitality; manipulating light and composition is like a game to me, and I always love playing it.
This time it was a nicely furnished villa, for a very professional client who produces great work.
Some of the angles were really challenging, especially the ones with the staircase, they took quite some time till we got the camera where it should be, also some shots had a mixed light sources, which is an interiors photographer's nightmare, However, I think we managed to pull it off.
The not very bad thing though, that we had to shoot after the place was inhabited, thankfully they were super nice people :-) .
Hope you all like the images.