Product photography lighting tutorial – Alba watch
April 7, 2015
Presidential suite at le méridien cairo airport hotel
Le Meridien Cairo Airport Hotel shoot – Cairo, Egypt.
May 2, 2015

Today is different

Hello Guys
Usually photographers like myself try to promote their business through blogs and writing frequently about their new projects, experiences, images ... etc, i am no different but today i want to share something with you, something from a personal experience.
A lot of people asked me how do we succeed in this photography thing, how do we pull it off??!!
Well there's no guarantees and every case is different, for me as someone believes in god, I think he gives us what we need at the right time BUT you have to know that you have to do the homework first, and this is what i call A B C success, let's point them out:
1- This is a general rule, and I really think it is the most important one: know what you want, keep looking for it, some people in this life can do anything just to survive whilst others are dreamers, if you're the second type as myself, you will not be able to do just anything; you will have the urge to keep looking for your passion, the thing you wanna keep doing for the rest of your life, don't rest until you find it.
2- If your passion turns out to be photography then you have to do some things at the beginning:
First: photographers are like doctors, each doctor specializes in something unique, there's surgeons, ear, nose, throat specialists podiatrists, psychiatrists ... etc
You're no different, you have to know what type of a photographer you wanna be, landscape, still life, street, fine art, wild life .. etc
Second: Once you settle on something you have to invest in learning and learning my friends is REALLY and i can't stress this enough is an endless journey ... Remember your best investment always will be in education and you can learn through several sources, if you're lucky enough you can get an apprenticeship with a master but that's rarely available even being an assistant, so your second option will be the internet and this is how i personally learned, there's a ton of great stuff out there a lot of them is free, but once you get a good grasp on the basics you should invest in some advanced classes that are digging deeper at the photography type you chose and always keep practicing, practice makes you more experienced, it gives you the opportunity to make mistakes and learn from them.
Third: Now you need a solid portfolio and here starts the problems, why?? Because when at the beginning you usually will have no folio and no client will want to hire you without one so how do we get out of this dilemma??
I'll give you some tips which worked for me, you may think i was right or wrong but i got somewhere now because of what i did
First do personal projects, for example if you're a food photographer try to shoot some dishes on your own at home or something, try to be friends with art directors, food stylists, do personal projects with these guys because you'll most probably get better results in a shorter time, then maybe start offering your services on a small scale and at a relatively lower rates than your competition so you kinda get an edge over them but here rises a big controversy among photographers, do we go to clients and offer our services or not???!!!
I myself was told not to offer my services to clients but come on if i am new to the field how clients will ever know me, yes you might have a Facebook page or a website with some nice SEO but come on most clients have good rapport with their photographers and if you wait for them to come ask you for help you'll probably wait forever, you have to invade this world and let people see what you can give them that is unique.
Also make sure you're prepared to work with clients because if you're not you might be hanging yourself too early, be sure you have mastered the craft enough to get the job done as best as possible, i have done that mistake in the past but i am trying to learn quickly and not repeat my mistakes again.
Fourth: Let's hope you're getting jobs now and making images, try to show your best work and if you can try to make each image a folio material, but the general rule says always show your best and avoid showing stuff that look like each other, make each photo different.
Fifth: Success isn't guaranteed, but if you're persevere, patient and sincere in your endeavors, it'll come eventually the way you pictured it, might even come off better than you wanted.
To wrap up here i'll tell you the 2 things i believe got me where i am today:
1- Keep learning
2- Keep knocking doors
And never get bored doing these 2 things
Good luck guys
Till next time
See ya.